Life Application Study Bible, Third Edition FAQ’s

  1. Why are you updating this brand, and what is the goal of update?
    • To maintain the core benefit of the LASB which is a Bible that applies God’s Word to daily life.
    • To reflect changes in culture, in scholarship, and even in editorial style over 30 years.
    • Give readers more of everything they’ve come to love about the LASB – more insight, accuracy, depth, application, and sensitivity to today’s issues.
  2. What are the significant changes from the existing edition to the Third Edition?
    • Thousands of notes have been significantly edited and revised
    • Hundreds of new notes, more than 20 new people profiles, and many charts have been added
    • Use of a second color on the interior for visual clarity
  3. What is the percentage of change with the ancillary content?
    • This new edition comprises 30-40% new material. It is a major update!
  4. When will the NIV and NLT Personal Size and Large Print LASB Third Editions release?
    • April 1, 2020
  5. Will other translations be available with the updated content? If so, when will those release?
    • Other translations “update” timing is still to be determined but likely not until at least the Fall of 2021
  6. Between Tyndale and Zondervan, how are the NIV editions getting divided? Will it be the same as it is now?
    • Per the contract between Tyndale and Zondervan, the NIV editions will be divided as they have been. (Tyndale publishes the hardcover and 2 LeatherLike editions)
  7. How will customers easily know the difference between the old and updated edition?
    • “Third Edition” is used in packaging and titling.
    • The packaging has a refreshed contemporary new look.
    • The Third Edition interior has a second color for visual clarity.
    • Existing editions will be re-titled electronically “Second Edition”.
    • All ISBN receiving title updates will go out on the March 2 Onix feed.
  8. Will the existing full-size NLT and NIV LASB Second Editions go out of print?
    • Yes, when they sell down, and since we are trying to have a seamless transition on as many isbns as possible, we may need to creatively liquidate without harming the launch of the Third Editions. This is being determined by Jeff, Sharon, & Scott.
  9. Will we continue to sell the personal size and large print Second Editions until they become available in the Third Edition?
    • Yes, our goal is to sell down the current full-size editions to be ready for the Third Edition Regular Size launch, and to allow the Personal Size and Large Print Second Editions to keep selling until the Third Editions release in Spring 2020.
  10. What is the font size of this new full-size edition?
    • 5 Meta Serif Pro Book which is just as readable as the Second Editions.
  11. With the longer notes how does it change the bulk of the Bible?
    • The current Second Edition has 2,416 pages. The Third Edition will have 2,496 pages, a 3% increase in size is all. There were some notes deleted to accommodate some more thorough notes.
  12. In feeds looking at the package how will they know it’s different than the other ones?
    • The title will indicate Third Edition for the new and Second Edition for the existing.
    • An interrupter circle is now on packaging to call out the “Newness” of this update.
  13. How is Zondervan branding on the Bibles different?
    • Zondervan’s packaging is nearly identical to Tyndale’s with a few exceptions to back cover and the addition of Zondervan’s branding bar on the front cover.